The Beast of 2016

2016. What do I have to say about you? Rising above it all. Underneath ‘all’ was; a constant battle, intolerance of lack of belief, fighting for what I know is right, smiling back tears when finally breaking through, one lifesaving moment plus a simple conversation...

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#GoldinGray Cape Tour

2 SONGBIRDS, 1 CITY, 5 VENUES Lisa Goldin & Ashlinn Gray #ReallyDoesntMatter #ThisIsMyFire #BattleShips #Nineteen “My Fire” songstress Lisa Goldin and “Battleships” hitmaker Ashlinn Gray have teamed up for a citywide tour around Cape Town and surrounds. These two...

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Who Are You, Again? Book

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Whilst on tour, I wrote a book all about what it really takes to be a musician. It’s titled #WhoAreYouAgain – a spin-off of the playful South African expression “do you know who I am?!”. Essentially everything you need to know and understand about being a musician…






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Our Johannesburg singer-songwriter Lisa Goldin landed in South Africa just a heartbeat ago after touring in London, Ibiza and Dubai.

In three short years Goldin released “My Fire” and “Really Doesn’t Matter” through David Gresham Records receiving radio airplay nationwide, whilst independently launching book and album “Who Are You, Again?” Such a rewarding journey to be featured on Expresso, News24Live and in all major press as the newbie on the block. Kickstarting 2016, adoring GoldinFans voted her as the second most exciting emerging act on @SACharts

Prior to coming back home, Goldin lived in the UK where she wrote her debut indie album “HerStory”. Securing her band in a major festival GuilFest, sponsorship by Vivienne Westwood, and led her to a residency for the summer at Teatro Pereyra in Ibiza supporting power-house African American dance artist, Barbara Tucker. “London was an exciting time! I met all these stars on the rise like Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and became good friends with Scouting for Girls before eventually headlining for them!”

Her travels continued through Beijing, Singapore, Malaysia performing, and eventually placed her in Dubai for two-plus years with various residencies, festivals, songwriting showcases and theatre productions. It is during this tour Goldin wrote the second indie album and book “Who Are You, Again?” “Meet me once and you will know how much I love what I do :> Endless energy no matter what size the gig is and a bounce-back attitude! It is natural to want to share this journey with anyone serious to give a solid-no-nonsense perspective of what you need to survive in the music industry. Musicians do just about everything (but not windows)!”

After performing in various Barnyard Theatre productions, Goldin is touring South Africa with her band and dance team, including new songwriting ventures and collaborations.

Career highlights are songwriting and production works with British hit songwriter Sarah deCourcy (Armin Van Buuren, Little Mix, Kylie Minogue, Example, PCD), Laurence Hobbs of Charter House Music (Pixie Lott, Zara, Penny Foster, Nottinghill Music) Stoyan Stoyanov (EMAAR, Sheik’s Public Address in UAE, Pasha Scripnic) and Chris Nicolaides (BBC, Chesney Hawkes, Mika).

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