Heya GoldinFans!

Since March last year I have been discovering, collaborating, marketing, plugging and elevating four exceptional talented South African producers through my project #Remix4Goldin bringing new talent into the light.

Thank you so much for supporting this heart-driven initiative :>

It’s been awesome working closely with these guys and I wish them well in their careers going forward.


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Lenny Dtox






Apollo 51

The songs off #Remix4Goldin were written as far back as 2002…check it out 👇🏼

“One Last Time” 2014 whilst wrapping up a Barnyard tour in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s always hard meeting people whilst on the road that we have to say goodbye to…

“I Love Complicated” 2010 whilst living in London, UK (just back from tour in Malaysia). I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted to be the perfect girl for the perfect guy or just be a career girl.

“Gonna Make This Right” 2002 whilst studying music at Brunel University, UK – I was actually practicing scales and landed up creating this song instead! Just a baby girl fresh in London discovering what she wanted from life and a fascination with freedom.

“SuperHero” 2012 whilst living in Oman and traveling weekly to perform in Dubai. My gamechanger anthem of taking a massive step in the right direction…learning to say no!

“Gotta Let Go” 2013 I moved to Dubai and it was the last song produced with Stoyan Stoyanov before leaving for my giant return to South Africa! If you can just remind yourself that material things only last so long, you’ll find it easier to let go of unnecessary stuff!

Lastly the bonus and final song off my #Remix4Goldin EP is called “Gotta Let Go” – now available worldwide at all your favourite stores…

Gotta Let Go (Remix) feat. Zick-Zack [Bonus Track]
Release 20 April 2018

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In the next few months, I’ll be concentrating on Album III…so stay in touch at all things @goldinlisa for newsflashes!

Have a glorious weekend, and keep rocking :>

Love, light & laughter

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