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Hope you’re having a great start to March 2018 :


B Sharp Entertainment interviewed Lisa a few years ago when her single ‘My Fire’ was first released, since then her fire has been burning brightly; she was nominated as the next exciting emerging act in 2015 by fans on @SACharts and musicza.co.za, she has two albums under her belt, a book and is on a mission to help musicians sustain their careers.

Part of this project is Goldin’s latest EP entitled “Remix 4 Goldin” featuring 4 new DJ Producers.

We caught up again…

“For me working with the four artists on #Remix4Goldin in 2017 underground has been so great because of their enthusiasm, hard work, talent and attitudes.”

Read the full interview here >>> http://www.bsharpentertainment.co.za/lisa-goldin-2/


Please put your hands together for Zick-Zack >>> featuring on the third single “Gonna Make This Right”.

Spin #GonnaMakeThisRight & hit Shazam!


 1423247954_41_itunes-128 1423247999_28_amazon-128 googleplay-icon cdbaby

Gonna Make This Right (Remix)

feat. Zick-Zack


Support our local South African talent Zick-Zack >>> add #GonnaMakeThisRight to your favourites and share :>!

HIT IT >>> #GonnaMakeThisRight Soundcloud >>> http://bit.ly/GonnaMakeThisRightSoundcloud

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Wishing you a fabulous weekend :>

Happy #NewMusicFriday

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