Reset. Recover. Ready.

It’s been a strenuous year to say the least and I’ve finally found the courage to speak about the highs and lows in my latest podcast…

Capetalk, Switchbox TV & More…

Ecstatic to be chatting with Pippa Hudson on Cape Talk, South Africa, today and Ronan MacManus on Switchbox TV, UK, last week! Plus…

Hope…Can I Send It To You?

“Seconds pass, you watch the time…something you could hope for, something you could hope for? It’s hard to smile, feel numb inside…anything to hope for, anything to hope for?”

One…Two… #ThreeDays

It has been incredibly exciting in what seems surreal given the worldly woes…so if anything, let me please sparkle up your day?

BBC Introducing “Three Days”

“Tuesday’s BBC Introducing Track of the Day is by Woking’s Lisa Goldin.” BBC Introducing

A Hopeful Tribute In Celebration Of Freedom Day

““Hope” has subsequently produced little hope-quadruplets as a surprise feature in the form of an uplifting side-project her South African heartbeat pounds proudly to.” Texx & The City

Hope for Freedom Day on Burj Khalifa

“The sensational South African Songstress that you hear on the video is our very own, Lisa Goldin” South African Business Council UAE

Smile FM features SA Artist’s Hope

“Join us as we air #Hope :> Right in time for Freedom Day on SA Music Sundays” Smile FM

Spread #Hope

We are finally here :>
This project would not be here if it weren’t for the awesome people pulling together just to create a lotta hope for you.

Here’s what they have to share…

All We Have Is #Hope

In such times I’m meant to be a voice of inspiration but this positive bunny is feeling the pinch of the chaos. I just pray you are coping, I pray you are safe and I pray you are sound.Some days are harder than others, but I am still trying to be a beacon of light in this unprecedented time.Tonight at 20:30 UAE Time please join me on Dubai Eye where I’ll be chatting to Mark Lloyd on all things hopeful and how COVID-19 has impacting our lives as artists.

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