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We are finally here :>
This project would not be here if it weren’t for the awesome people pulling together just to create a lotta hope for you.

Here’s what they have to share…

All We Have Is #Hope

In such times I’m meant to be a voice of inspiration but this positive bunny is feeling the pinch of the chaos. I just pray you are coping, I pray you are safe and I pray you are sound.Some days are harder than others, but I am still trying to be a beacon of light in this unprecedented time.Tonight at 20:30 UAE Time please join me on Dubai Eye where I’ll be chatting to Mark Lloyd on all things hopeful and how COVID-19 has impacting our lives as artists.

Dubai-Based Musician Sends Message of Hope

Lisa Goldin is one of the many musicians across the globe who have struggled to find work as restaurants and bars close…

Lisa Goldin Is Full Of Hope

After her family, friends and business colleagues urged her to send this song out to the world, to lift everyone up, she decided to take a leap of faith and hopes to inspire people through this very difficult time…

It’s Time For #Hope

Just before the lockdown we had already mastered my new song called “Hope”. After asking colleagues and close loved ones what they thought the consensus was “YES, YOU HAVE TO!” So here it is…

Hope Is The Answer

In the last few months Album No.3 has been in full swing and would love you to hear how each song evolves…

Goldin Decade

A reflection of the last ten years. What lead me there, what I failed at, what I succeeded at and the fun had in this incredible career of music, creation and travel.

Dubai Opera House Debut Performance

Work so hard that you’re always ready for your moment, be graciously humble – remember how YOU started, fight for what’s right even when you are the little guy, rest when you must, and kick butt all day every damn day. I am Lisa Goldin and my career goal is making a difference in the name of music, regardless the size of my audience, daily – especially with my own songwriting.


It is so very close to my heart to play keys and sing my heart out. Especially my own songs, which is very much in the works in between all things performance. I am so excited to share these new songs with you, really soon :>

Signing Out 2018 featured on Truth In Dance

FIVE YEARS LATER…I have 12 songs playing on radio!!! MASSIVE THANKS for loving the music I create GoldinFans, to the people I’ve worked with making this dream happen, to every person in press willing to tell my story and every radio station sharing this music across South Africa and beyond…

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