By Bronwen Kerry

I interviewed Lisa a few years ago when her single ‘My Fire’ was first released, since then her fire has been burning brightly; she was nominated as the next exciting emerging act in 2015 by fans on @SACharts and, she has two albums under her belt, a book and is on a mission to help musicians sustain their careers.

Part of this project is Goldin’s latest EP entitled “Remix 4 Goldin” featuring 4 new DJ Producers.

We caught up again…

How has your music, song writing and sound change and evolved since we last spoke?
“Well you know I am very much a pop-hook-kinda-gal, so definitely still within that. However in the last year I have explored a little project namely #Remix4Goldin involving dance genres but still with pop feels.”

How would you describe Lisa now?
“Lisa is still the same energetic being, but must say that the last year I spent looking at how I can enable musicians that have no idea where to start. I think music is HUGE in SA and I wanna be part of shaping our industry!”

With your second album ‘Who Are You Again?”, you also launched a book about being successful in the music industry – in short, how does one have a successful music career and how have you applied those principles to your own career?
“It’s all in the sweat: without hard work we achieve nothing. From amateur shameless marketing starting out to spending every second improving our craft daily to playing any and every paid/unpaid gig until we crack the nutshell…this is what it takes. When we can take every knockback with a smile until reaching a full stadium and then still keep going; that is the rainbow with the pot of gold. Until then we keep working. PS Look at Madonna – has she stopped?! So I guess until then I won’t stop.”

You have had many career highlights so far – which one sticks out for you?
“For me working with the four artists on #Remix4Goldin in 2017 underground has been so great because of their enthusiasm, hard work, talent and attitudes. Plus with the young ages they all are, I am so inspired with how they each turned my songs into something else that I honestly now adore more than the originals! I always say a production brings a song to life and these DJ Producers have done just that!”

Give us a taste of your new, up and coming album?
“Dance, dance, dance! I always write in ballad mode but it is awesome to hear a happy, uplifting sound to take a serious theme to a level where you feel free to let it out :> That is exactly what Lenny Dtox, JOLO, Zick-Zack & Apollo 51 have created. Without their sounds this EP would not be the project it is – and it is simply fabulous!”

Which song of yours defines you at the moment and why: this could be a song you’ve written for another artists or one you have sung yourself?
“That’s a great question. I think “Gotta Let Go” which I co-write with Stoyan Stoyanov in Dubai and recently remixed by Zick-Zack – this is the bonus track to the “Remix 4 Goldin” EP. We sometimes hold on too tight to stuff we cannot control like love, money, materialistic dreams, the idealistic perfect family, career highlights, friendship demands, what success means, image requirements, status to fit in…and I really believe the more we put out there to actually develop others, less me more about you focus, share knowledge, travel to unheard of places and spend a day in nature are far more valuable ventures to us as humanity. “Gotta Let Go” means to just forget about the boundaries we build to keep us comfortable or in control. There’s way too much stress on kids let alone adults that we need to be rid of. Let’s go back to basics.”

Tell me about the track “One Last time’ and how did your working relationship begin with DJ Lenny Dtox?
“I wrote this song in Cape Town in January 2014. Recorded a demo piano and voice version in studio with Ziggy Adolph at David Gresham Records the same year. In 2017 I began a project in search of new talented DJ Producers and Lenny Dtox won a challenge to remix one of my songs. He is from George, so it’s great he’s from the Cape and we shared the same region for this song “One Last Time”. It’s funny also as he specifically chose this song to remix in a head-to-head challenge so I am happy he won it. His approach to dance music is unique. Dtox is sensitive and really captures the essence of the original version then puts his signature stamp on it. We are working on new tracks following a successful first track together. I am definitely a fan.”

What are your plans going forward?
“Currently I am abroad touring, working on a third album whilst promoting #Remix4Goldin release until May 2018. This year is just divine…there’s so many goodies coming up!”

Who would you like to work with in future – if you could pick one collaborator?
“I can’t pick one!!! Between BreakDLaw, Majozi or Mark Stent in SA or Zedd globally – well those are my little goals haha!”

What are you listening to at the moment?
“Cardi B, Jessie J, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Hailee Steinfeld, Halsey, Alessia Cara, Chainsmokers, Zedd, P!nk, Rag and Bone Man, James Arthur, Nathan Sykes, Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, Jeremy Loops, Majozi, Cara Frew, Mark Stent, Basel Grey and my favourites BreakDLaw.”


Read her first interview with us here:

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