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Running the competition for Remix 4 Goldin was so much fun and a re-discovery of my love for dance music. Of course I’m a pop artist but this has been part of of my musicality I’ve always wanted to explore and reach out to new audiences, but not forgetting my loyals.

By no means did I make it easy for the 25 producers that applied; they had just 10 days to create a production, into a certain dance genre and from a song I chose off my “Who Are You, Again?” album. Given how personal music is to someone, I was amazed that this actually had wonderful results!

Trust me, I’m always so afraid my ideas won’t work…so I close my eyes real tight until I can feel a little light coming in, opening one eye at a time to check it’s safe to look again!!!

But, man, I am so proud of these guys. They’ve worked seamlessly hard since last September creating our project and getting lift off.

The beauty of a project like this, is passing on valauble knowledge no-one teaches you when you’re starting out. I share my top-secret marketing apps, give them stats on how their song is spinning on Shazam, Spotify, YouTube and Radio.

In the midst of it all I perform six nights a week abroad in a different time zone…most mornings I am awake at 9am after preparing the social posts and blogs, crash until 4pm to then start getting ready for the show, do a bit more work on the project, showtime, come home at 1am, starting working on the project andddd…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It’s something pretty special paying it forward :> And the best thing is, they love it and are hungry!

I especially worry for my friends, colleagues and family back in South Africa right now. Our country is undergoing massive changes and the Rand is still weak. I honestly hope this will provide a financial/profile boost for these four amazing, talented producers, who had already developed their own signature sounds before I’d even met them. At 20 years or so old and already knowing what your sound is, is quite something.

Their energetic electronic vibes encourage all things dancing :> and I really hope you love it as much as we did creating it.


One Last Time (Remix) feat. Lenny Dtox


I Love Complicated (Remix) feat. JOLO


Gonna Make This Right (Remix) feat. Zick-Zack


SuperHero (Remix) feat. Apollo51
PREVIEW ON iTunes >>>

Release 30 March 2018

Gotta Let Go (Remix) feat. Zick-Zack
PREVIEW ON iTunes >>>

Release 20 April 2018


Remix 4 Goldin EP

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Lotsa love


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