Dubai Opera House Debut Performance

Work so hard that you’re always ready for your moment, be graciously humble – remember how YOU started, fight for what’s right even when you are the little guy, rest when you must, and kick butt all day every damn day. I am Lisa Goldin and my career goal is making a difference in the name of music, regardless the size of my audience, daily – especially with my own songwriting.


It is so very close to my heart to play keys and sing my heart out. Especially my own songs, which is very much in the works in between all things performance. I am so excited to share these new songs with you, really soon :>

Gotta Let Go To Reach

So we’ve just wrapped up mixing Drown The Pain, now working on Gotta Let Go and Gonna Make This Right. Back in 2002 I wrote “Gonna Make This Right” whilst studying music at Brunel University. For the end of year performance exam, the lecturer and good friend, Frank Griffith, specifically said no original music can be performed. So we performed my song and got the highest mark! At the end of the performance Frank asked who the composer is, and I replied jokingly oh just some famous South African artist…

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