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Dear GoldinFans

Happy 2020 :> I hope you had a wonderful end to 2019 and fabulous start to a new decade.

In the spirit of the new year, one of my colleagues nominated me to post 10 of my best, which I extended to a reflection of the last ten years. What lead me there, what I failed at, what I succeeded at and the fun had in this incredible career of music, creation and travel. 

Keeping inline with marketing stats of how long audiences will read for, I was advised to keep this short…however I love colouring outside the lines…so! Do grab a cuppa for an in-depth lil read :>

London (I think) 2004 at The Bedford…it was the early days of my singer-songwriter debuts. The first performance they only allowed you to showcase two songs and this moment I had four songs to bare my soul of the songs from “HerStory”. It was a riveting 15-20minutes to capture the audience.

The Beford was Tony Moore’s next venture after his The Kashmir Klub off Baker Street closed where I’d showcased a couple of times too. Thanks to John Waller for introducing me into this world of magic.

This was THE hub of where original music was seen, heard and vetted. Anyone part of climbing that ladder was in the building and these things always kinda blew my mind, my nerves were crazy haha! It was here I built my loyal fanbase walking around with a clipboard signing up names and emails of the audience to keep in touch with. 

Balls of steel I tell ya…and that comes from years of rejection from school teachers to one family member…I just kept fighting those voices saying no this is where I belong, let me shine. 

This memory is so precious to me so I always remember how I started….because I knew no one and had nothing when arriving in the UK but made something and everything out of all of it.

4 years later I gave up all things considered the norm. 9-5 financial stability in a corporate world, marriage and conformity. 

I embraced all that was meant to be, followed a calling and finally dived straight into a full-time musical realm. This was and still is glorious me.

Front page of the entertainment section on the same page as headliner Blondie for the same UK festival, wardrobe sponsored by Vivienne Westwood. I gave up so many things (especially sleep) and 6 months later it unfolded like magic…

I refused to accept no as an answer. I called every paper, every clothing line I loved, every radio station and I made all of it happen. No had written books about this. This hunger was just something no one taught me. I just knew I had to do it. 

No silver spoons were ever handed out…just hard work, songs I wrote (that graciously) fans loved and an unstoppable drive to make whatever crazy idea I had, to make that happen.

So many people to thank from this era…WOW! You were the hearts who just believed…handing me access through the looking glass whilst I was knocking on the door…into this wonderful world of magic…MUSIC!

John Waller thank you for listening to my demo, taking the time to meet my artistry and introducing me to Tony Moore to showcase my music at the best songwriting venues in the UK, this will forever mean so much to me. 

Stuart Robb!!! You put me in studio to cut a demo and gave me a spot at your first Aylesbury Festival where I met Dave Armitage who took such great pics! Plus you got me my first interviews on local radio and TV channels, thank you for believing. 

Laurence Hobbs you are such a gem in my life! Thank you for trusting me to run the 15-Minute Club nights where I could give back to artists starting out and welcome them to our world! I’m so proud of all your incredible achievements too. 

Patrick Haveron you took me under your wing and showed me how to better my artistry from a business perspective! I’m forever grateful for our friendship. 

Mark Lundquist thank you so very much for putting me on tour with The Commitments and securing a spot at The Pigalle Club, where eventually I met Jessie J, performing the same bill with their house band and MD Otto Williams! And secured a residency performing at Fahrenheit too. 

Nikki Lamborn – you took my voice to new heights from training it to me studying you perform! You are my everything and I love you with all my heart, thank you!!! 

We all need a platform to step up onto and and you each created that for me. This was just the start of moving into an incredible decade…thank youhooo! 

2009 I ventured out to Ibiza for a sweet soirée with the incredible giant Eric-Jan Harmsen at Teatro Pereyra. As most unexpected journeys are, it started as a 2-month commitment which landed up being the season.

One of the three of my mentors in my life. This gentlemen and his family took me under their wing and literally brought me back to life. Eric always said “if you don’t sing everyday it’ll probably kill you.” He was so right! I was recovering from leaving everything I’d built up to only what it felt like I’d lost overnight in the UK, due to the recession. 

Literally everything went from perfect home, perfect career, and perfect life to absolutely all of it falling through the floor. I was devastated. This was one of my biggest life lessons. The best thing I’ve ever done was pack a suitcase and leave all of it behind. It opened my mind, healed my heart and I got to sing everyday. 

I’m eternally grateful to all my agents and clients who opened doors to live the next part of my life, traveling and performing wherever I went for about 5 years.

It was the most liberating step I’ve ever taken. Andddd I managed to get back on my feet from a room with a view…of the world.

Ibiza, Penang Malaysia, Singapore, Oman, China, Abu Dhabi and Dubai later… 

By 2012 I was living in Dubai with an eventually full schedule of performances from hotel residencies to songwriting showcases to corporate gigs, and honestly I was having the time of my life.

 In the earlier part of 2013 I put an album together, my 2nd. It was to be part of a book I’d been working on. My dream was huge! Like what artist had an album and book in one?! 

Anyway…a flight home, few record company meetings later and a staged production securing my bread and butter…there I was in South Africa. It was the the first time of my career I’d been home. No one knew who I was…so for the fourth time I uprooted everything and started from scratch. 

In three years I…
Performed for Barnyard Theatres (1 year, 3 shows, 4 cities), Grand White (3 shows, 3 cities, audience of 11,000), corporate events and wrote my own show GoldinDivas which ran for 6 months (Carousel, Emerald City, Stone Cradle, corporate clients), as well as had residencies here and there.

Signed to David Gresham Records after 5 months being back, we dropped two singles “Really Doesn’t Matter” and “My Fire”. Whilst signed (which is very unheard of) I released my 2nd album and book in form of a book-signing-concert. 516 pages of what it takes to be a singer-songwriter and performing artist. Press Tour included 3 cities, about 10 Radio Interviews and 3 TV appearances. Just before leaving I toured Cape Town with just my originals with a concert at Rockwell Theatre.

What a time! My risks were the biggest I’d ever taken on. Those three years were hard but necessary. Only the people that have stood by me, encouraging without judging, will ever understand why I did all of it as part of my career and life.

In 2016 my record deal ended and I left South Africa for some much needed time away. Back on the road with one of my mentors Georges of el-live Productions. First gig was Abu Dhabi, and onto Al Ain. I needed the space and silence from everything, which finally broke mid 2017 whilst visiting my dearest friend Carmen and her partner in Australia. Our long childhood chats about how far we’d come and discussions about why we loved living abroad gave me a new sense of hope and peace. It was time to re-emerge.

So I wrote a picture-book version of my big book, “40 Ways To Tame Musicians” and found 4 upcoming artists to remix 5 songs off the 2nd album “Who Are You, Again?”. You see, none of those songs had the chance to be aired whilst mid-contract, but now I was free well, nothing stood in my way.

I created my own radio station list, forged personal relationships with programme managers from community to larger stations…these are the people that have made my songwriting career so incredible. I finally got paid out royalties last year too and it’s wonderful seeing the fruition of what I put into those 3 massive years.

Over 5million listening impacts with 12 Songs (10 I wrote), 49 Radio Stations, and TV AirPlay of My Fire video in just 3 years from release. Finally; the bigger picture. 

Someone once said to me that the artist should work harder than the team behind them. I disagree. The team should work just as hard as the artist. Now I’m ready for just that team, and it’ll come 111%. 

So a little backtracking…2016 landed back in the UAE performing at Jazz Bar (2nd time) and then ventured into the middle of the desert to Al Ain. It’s a small little town, very village kinda feel and as far as small towns go…well! 

This is where I met one of my greatest friends D (Delbert Mack). He is one of the most special in the world; heart of gold, brilliant musician and producer, solid leader and his ‘Listen’ speech is like no other! Seriously though, I got to work, party and grow musically and personally from this one helluva bundle of amazingness!

Gutted in May 2017 when our contract ended, but joyful when reunited a couple months later in Vietnam for a new band. Here I met TK (Terrell King)! OMG excitement!!! His voice, talent, being, heart & mind are so genius you just want to be around him all the time…even when he falls off the face of the planet for some space ‘please’, hehe!!! Everyday I stood in awe watching TK perform. One of the most talented people I know on this earth and soooo damn humble. Zero ego, ZERO. Just fabulous! Plus he taught me how to survive tequila. 

Also in our crazy lil band of mischief was a very sensible South African David Andrew Raath, who is no longer sensible because we showed him the road of rock ‘n roll and he’s never looked back. and then Mr Matt Sears who is just a wonderful heart rocking all things with gusto galore. 

The test of our survival was a two-week trip to the Ho Chi Minh Embassy with starts of 5am, including a round trip to Hanoi because Ho Chi loved us that much. Eventually visas in tow we performed in Seoul, South Korea and Changsha, China.

These were some of my best days ever (as you can see from the censored photos). D, TK & I were pretty much the Trio for outings (of course David & Matt joined too when not being healthy) and my goodness did we laugh and laugh and cry and laugh! Even if things got tough we always stood by each other and stood up for each other. Working, living and being creative souls is not always straight forward, especially performing 6 nights a week. We all have our moments, and we took the time to understand each other. So much love! 

D was my bandleader for 1.5years and the best. TK and I shared the frontline space for a year and I miss that harmonious connection soooo much because it was magic every night, every moment without fail. These two brought my heart back to teamwork and once that was in place I embraced everyone else. 

It was just easy, simple – because we trusted and respected each other’s place. Most of all we listened, we let the music play.

Love and miss you all so much.


Lisa Goldin, Songwriting Performance at Dubai Opera House:

One year and one week ago I moved back to Dubai, UAE. 

After 2.5 years with el-live Productions (including UAE, South Korea and a year’s residency with Grand Hyatt, Changsha in China) it was time to find a place I could call home. With arrangements made for six suitcases and keyboard there I was headed back to the place I found so much affinity with.

Already set up with a 4-day per week contract and accommodation (thanks to Roz), this was one of my most exciting moves yet! A solo placement as Singer and Pianist at one of Dubai’s most prestigious venues; Atlantis, The Palm. For years my friends had pleaded with me to go back to a solo, acoustic artist…and finally I said, let’s see what happens… 

It was magic, I was nervous but it was everything.

A year later, against everything and all odds let alone criticism from jealous bystanders with massive egos and greediness, I have achieved beautiful moments with old and new clients that have put their trust in me to deliver all kinds of projects, whom I’m so grateful to. 

This is what I love, creating magic in the name of music. I am not famous, I don’t hold a degree but I am proud of the little I have done as an artist (in comparison to the rich and famous lol!).

In the last 25 years of my career everybody irrelevant has told me that everything I’m doing won’t ever work out. I hear blah, blah, blah all the time. It’s pretty pathetic and boring, quite frankly.

What fascinates me to no extent is why people have to always say “you’ll fail” before believing you can do it. Isn’t it more exciting to ask, “tell me how you’re going to bring your dream to life?” 

Trust me when I say that I do not need anyone’s approval or reassurance in living my dream. So trust me when I say at a beautiful and thriving age, I am unstoppable.

1998 wrote my first song “Paragraphs” (unreleased)
2008 put my first album out “HerStory” with tour and wardrobe sponsored by Vivienne Westwood
2014 signed to first record label
2015 released “Who Are You, Again?” my second album with same-titled book independently (whilst signed to a record label) 2015 first record “Really Doesn’t Matter” released with record label
2016 second single released “My Fire” (with acoustic arrangement written by me with music video, plus remix released) with record label
2017 picture book release of “40 Ways To Tame Musicians” 2018 “Remix 4 Goldin” release of 4 upcoming artists remixing songs from second album
2019 The chart above shows just 4 years progress of what’s taken 25 years to create this tiny amount of viable success as singer-songwriter-pianist-author, mostly independent. Thank you to RadioMonitor for tracking my airplay <3
2020 Album 3…

Thank you so much to every fan, radio station, press company and client that has been part of my tiny impact in music.

Here’s to many more :>

Much love

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