Heya GoldinFans

Here we are halfway through 2019…how are you doing GoldinFans?

At the time of writing my end of year blog…I was ready to embark on a new adventure :> Let me share this with you…

Lisa Goldin, Singer-Pianist – Acoustic Medley of Top40 Hits: https://youtu.be/KfZtFuca7Gk

Last year I underwent a magical journey of rediscovering just vocals and keys. Preparing for what was next to come was a wonderful, wonderful day and night concentration of creating a more bespoke me. As I completed my contract early January with the wonderful Grand Hyatt Changsha in China, I landed a wonderful moment to perform at Plato’s in Atlantis The Palm (Wednesday to Saturday) and Laurel Bar in Caesars Palace Bluewaters (every Tuesday) – Dubai, UAE. It has been marvellous being their resident singer-pianist for the first part of 2019.

The daily experience of playing a grand piano soaring through an open beautiful room with highs and lows of emotions flying from the words I sang, was just phenomenal. I found something so intricate in the quiet moments and man, was that special and thunderous. AND one of those days Pierce Brosnan walked in and I performed for him and his friend Bron four days in a row! Quite divine, if I must say so myself…hahaha! You all know HOW MUCH I LOVE TOUCHING HEARTS WITH MUSIC…and this was epic. I am very happy to have changed my set-up as a musician. It’s spectacular. Not saying I don’t work in bands anymore, just that I take my keys on stage now too!

It is so very close to my heart to play keys and sing my heart out. Especially my own songs, which is very much in the works in between all things performance. I am so excited to share these new songs with you, really soon :>


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As much as I am living in the UAE, my love and focus in South Africa is still strong with 12 songs spinning on radio. Thank YOU for making that happen, eternally grateful for all the blessings and support of loving my creations.

Join me in celebrating special heartbeat moments, that touch people’s lives and make the world a better place. I am so blessed to do this everyday in the name of music. And ain’t music a powerful being :>

Wishing you an amazing day and stay tuned for what’s next in store for 2019!

Much love

Lisa Goldin

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