Dearest GoldinFans

A very Happy New Year to you :>

I trust you had a fantastic end to 2017.

Most of the last year I spent performing in UAE, China and Korea. Whilst taking time out in Australia and Vietnam in between gigs to launch new books and my latest baby…


Whilst underground last year I ran a competition called Remix 4 Goldin in search of unfound talent. I am starting 2018 with introductions to 4 new talented South African DJ Producers who won me over with their amazing remixes.

*Lenny Dtox
*Apollo 51




I guess after writing a book on the fast-track to fame nitty gritty, it opened a lot of doors to help other artists. Musicians I’m friends with and complete strangers were asking for advice, which was exciting! It was not a bestseller (would’ve been fab) but that was hardly the point of this launch.

Giving advice to musicians from all walks of experience and life is a thrill. You know when you love something so much and forget it is hard work? That is exactly how I felt doing this. It just comes from a place of love, therefore there’s no boomerang ‘will-it-come-back?’ expectations.

So why dance music as a next stop? 1 I love it, 2 it’s exploding globally and 3 I really wanted to create remixes of my songs off the recent “Who Are You, Again?” Album.

Off I went into a genre foreign to me and dived in, in great search of astounding, undiscovered talent. In no way was it just an easy choice or challenge. Each artist had 10 days to take the parts of my music and mash it up into their own. The 4 challenges were Dubstep, EDM, house and commercial dance. My inbox was filled with beats for months and I narrowed it down to 4 winners; Lenny Dtox from George, JOLO from Lichtenburg, Zick-Zack from Limpopo and Apollo 51 from Bloemfontein.

Working remotely abroad, hitting 101 walls yet climbing over them whilst collaborating has been one of the most fascinating projects I’ve worked on, especially with these artists. The fundamentals of the winning remixes were delivery by the deadline, originality, attitude and owning their brand. These wonderful people deserve a chance and I am ecstatic for you to hear what they’ve got in store for you…

Every three weeks will feature each DJ Producer for you to indulge in their talents, starting 29th January 2018.




This is part of my #WhoAreYouAgain Project enabling artists with the real deal of what it takes to have a long and successful career in music.

MORE ABOUT #WhoAreYouAgain Project


Please go ahead full blast and support these fabulous South African artists and uncover their stories in music.

We all need a helping hand, this is mine to yours.

Place your fingers on buzzers…incoming 26th January…

Much love

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