Published by B Sharp Entertainment by Bronwen Hirshowitz
1 April 2020

Musician and Singer, Lisa Goldin wrote the song ‘Hope’, at very dark time in her life.

After her family, friends and business colleagues urged her to send this song out to the world, to lift everyone up, she decided to take a leap of faith and hopes to inspire people through this very difficult time.

“May this song bring you light however you may need it in your life, as it did for me whilst creating this vision with some of the most beautiful people I know.” says Goldin.

‘Hope’ is a vibrant composition representing all things from Goldin’s home, South Africa. Having lived abroad most of her career, it was so important to spend some of her time back home, making it there. During this time it was joyous getting back to her roots and feeling the strength of how South Africans unite as a nation.

“This song is about being unstoppable regardless of the setbacks and how I worked through my blips :> I hope that inspires you to not ever give up the fight to pursue your dreams!” continues Goldin.

“I would love the world to join together in hope that when life is dark, kindness and love will be the light to see anything through. Hope has the answer, hope here’s to you. This creation has a special place in my heart, Hope you love it just as much.”


Producer Notes by Stoyan Stoyanov Storn
“It’s been real fun to work on Lisa’s song ‘Hope’, as well as on her other stuff that we have been doing together. ‘Hope’ is very special. It’s very uplifting, it is very inspiring, it is very positive, very sunshiney, and it¹s just an amazing song. Lisa is a very talented songwriter and singer of course. So Lisa I wish you good luck with this venture, and I hope and I believe that this is going to reach more people and everyone is going to enjoy this music. – Stoyan Stoyanov Storn

Conductor Notes by Franco Prinsloo & Choir
“Hope” is a catchy tune with awesome choral backing vocals. It was an awesome experience working with Stoyan and Lisa on this song. The choristers, studio engineer and myself enjoyed recording this work. I cannot wait to work with them again on future projects. – Franco Prinsloo

“We were handed the sheet music and then Franco played the song for the first time. We were stunned. We all got goosebumps! What a great song! It was such a fantastic experience working on this project. Lisa is a wonderful and talented artist.” – Andries Brümmer (Bass)

“The moment Franco played us this song, I loved it. We all got up and danced to the amazing beat and melody.” – Elmirie Kruger (Soprano)

“That beat! I couldn’t get enough of it during the rehearsals and recording time in studio.” – Stefan Venter (Tenor)

“We really enjoyed working on this song! We had such a great time recording the choral parts in studio. We danced the whole way through.” – Jenet Brümmer (Alto)


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