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We are finally here!


This project would not be here if it weren’t for the awesome people pulling together just to create a lotta hope for you.

Here’s what they have to share…

Producer Notes by Stoyan Stoyanov Storn (Producer, Pianist & Conductor)
“Writing and composing the acoustic piano part for ‘Hope’ was a really easy thing to do, because the song is really inspiring and it brings such positive energy. So, I put down uplifting piano parts and also referred to a piano part written by Lisa, keeping some of her lines. I wanted it to have more authenticity. So it was a big pleasure and a bit of fun for me to do this project. I am sure this version will also touch many hearts. Listen to “Hope” (Acoustic) feat. Stoyan Stoyanov Storn.

“It’s been real fun to work on Lisa’s song “Hope”, as well as on her other stuff that we have been doing together. “Hope” is very special. It’s very uplifting, it is very inspiring, it is very positive, very sunshiney, and it’s just an amazing song. Lisa is a very talented songwriter and singer of course. So Lisa I wish you good luck with this venture, and I hope and I believe that this is going to reach more people and everyone is going to enjoy this music.”

Hip-Hop Artist Notes by Xenai
“When you asked me to do ‘Hope’ I was a little nervous because I was a little out of my comfort zone. Really because it’s a happy song…most of my songs are sad! I’m a very sad artist that way. But no, I wanted to be able to do, you know, something uplifting. I wanted to be able to resonate the message that you were giving out and do that myself.

When it came to the sounds, the drums and the culture, I was very happy to hear that you were representing your culture, which is what I am trying to do with my music. Also Indian culture is definitely derived a lot from African culture. There are a lot of roots that we’ve taken from you guys. So really, really like being a part of this, especially you know, bringing in our chance mixing it with yours, and putting it all together. The shaker, the rhythms that we all have are very, very close to yours. So this was a fun project to be a part of, and I’m very grateful.

About the rap (“Hope” (Extended Version) feat. Xenai)), the message is very simple. At times when we feel like things aren’t going our way and life seems to be working against us, and just everything’s falling apart. There’s something inside us that’s always pushing, it’s always fighting – it’s always working against those things for some reason and that’s our life-force. That’s our very breath, the thing that wakes us up each and every morning. Those things are gifts, and we usually take them for granted. We are always focused on the future and worrying about the past. And if we just take a moment to realise THAT. You know these anxiety attacks that we have or panic attacks or these existential crisis’s, they’re actually signs that we’re taking these simple things for granted. Then when we’ll realise tha.t all these other things start to fall away, and you’re back in your centre. I kind of wanted to bring this part, you know, the part that I put into the song.”
Producer Notes by Mark Stent “I absolutely loved remixed ‘Hope’. Lisa’s got such an amazing voice it was easy to work with. It was so easy to feel inspired. The original was so good that it was so difficult to kind of do the song justice because the original was so powerful. So I just went with something a little bit more danceable, a little bit something more I could play in my sets. But I am really proud of how it came out, and I cannot wait to be playing it out!” Let’s dance into the weekend with “Hope” (Remix) feat. Mark Stent.
Conductor Notes by Franco Prinsloo “Hope” is a catchy tune with awesome choral backing vocals. It was an awesome experience working with Stoyan and Lisa on this song. The choristers, studio engineer and myself enjoyed recording this work. I cannot wait to work with them again on future projects.” Sing along to “Hope” feat. Franco Prinsloo Choir.

Sunday night please join me chatting to Dean Friederich on Smile FM’s Feature SA Music Sundays on 26th April from 21:00-23:00 South African Time, as we air #Hope – yay! Right in time for Freedom Day…(

A very HUGE and special thank you to all of you for being so beautiful and all the magic, especially Patrick Haveron of Rocket Science Agency who managed all things PR.


Let’s spread as much hope, happiness and kindness wherever we go :>


Much love always



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