Heya GoldinFans

It’s been quite a grind of late and am feeling pretty tired. But today I need to stand tall.

I guess that’s what being a SuperHero is all about and why I have an unending fascination of Marvel and all things kung-fu fighting!

Someone once asked me how I would describe the composition of #SuperHero especially the lyrics. Well everything I write is from an emotional experience. So this story stems back to 2012, I was living in Oman and travelling back and forth to Dubai for shows. It wasn’t the best of my days. I was unhappy, longed for change and constantly asking when would stuff just get better. Part of my career is channelling happy vibes to audiences and transforming frowns to smiles through music and performance – and that is my SuperHero power! So from these two conflicting subjects it gave birth to this song with a key message: if I want to make a real difference the change has to start with me, and I have to believe and just damn well be it.

From that moment onwards I switched up my life for a more positive one. Which meant I walked away from the most exhausting relationship and an engagement I am glad I called off. I needed to focus my energies on a greater cause. And pretty much everyday I do just that :> (on days off I let my hair down over a few glasses of wine & tequila haha!)

Seriously we need to decide what really rocks our worlds and stick with that. Life is way too short to be wasting it on obsessive socials, destructive relationships (work and personal), comfort zones, keeping up with the Jones’ and things we definitely have no control of. You really are the only person that can save you…and from there you will see your improvement better itself daily, like serotonin creates a wave of euphoria. It’s the best attitude-adjuster I adapted into my life to live fearlessly and peacefully.

On that note, here is my 4th single off #Remix4Goldin

“SuperHero” featuring Apollo 51 (Leon van Tonder)

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Now is the time grab your cape and fly :> you’ve got this.

Have an amazing weekend and speak soon-soon.

Much love, light and laughter


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