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Hi GoldinFans

How have you been?

Well my news is…the last month has been filled with such lovely moments sharing the story of “Like That” with you. In addition  “Like That” music video is about to drop! There’s a wonderful recap waiting for you below :> Thank you for all your hearts on this <3

My next song landing in your playlist this Friday is titled “Tell Me”, the sixth  single from “Something I Used To Wear” album. Pre-Save on Spotity!

It took everything to write this song. More often than not I wasn’t chosen, yet surrounded by people who pretended to choose me. It took a lot to suffer that, and then finally walk away. This song is a celebration and voice for those BIG hearts to have the courage to be heard and say it’s not okay to settle for anything less than brilliance, greatness and being adored for all you are. Tell me, what do you think!

“Like That” Press Playback

• Virgin Megastore Feature for World Music Day 21st June
• Smile FM Interview 25th May
• DXB Today, Dubai One TV Interview & Performance 18th May
• Available on all digital platforms 12th May
• Cape Talk Interview 9th May
• Musivv Chair Sessions Interview & Performance 8th May
• Heart FM selected “Like That” 20th April as a Chart Chaser for their SA Top10 and CTM Top40, vote daily by clicking here
• Dubai Eye 103.8 FM Interview 11th April
• “Like That” – Lisa Goldin [Official Video]  COMING SOON!

Thank you for loving the music, sharing and choosing to be a GoldinFan. You have no idea how much all of this means to me. So thank YOU!

Stay blessed and chat soon!


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