2016. What do I have to say about you?

Rising above it all.

Underneath ‘all’ was; a constant battle, intolerance of lack of belief, fighting for what I know is right, smiling back tears when finally breaking through, one lifesaving moment plus a simple conversation that made it as clear as daylight I am on the right track (thank you, you know who you are).

No one has said that this journey would ever be easy and that is why I wrote a book explaining exactly this.

Read my book “Who Are You, Again?” (born last year, it’s just turned one years old!

It is the truth. If you don’t wake up now to these words: you’ll never get it or have a real perspective of the music industry as a fan; or be it or last as an artist. I am not arrogant, just honest from the most humble place no one can escape. I’ve written my own experience and then reread everyone’s Facebook statuses, Tweets and journals one million and one times confirming I am right with a learning curve attached of new stories and advanced versions.

Yet, Lord help I should quote an excerpt from my book about it to help others. ‘She’s such a girl and not famous, like what does she know’??? I am mocked for it, in fact, ridiculed. For writing the most honest, nitty gritty, 560 pages of what it takes working nonstop in the name of music.

People only wanna hear the pretty Instagram selfies. Yeah, you can hear the selfies loud and clear. BS of picture perfect. I wish my inspiring messages would do more. How about telling the audience your photographer was condescending during the shoot because you weren’t the perfect weight, or saying the band you booked were replaced a day ago due to not learning the music they received two months ago for your tour, or that your label dropped you an hour before you had to perform in front of 1000 people? The things you don’t see, and definitely don’t hear…because it must all be contained neatly in a box (normally a pretty box).

I won’t accept that. So I guess it’s no longer time for pretty. It is time for me. My unpretty life stories through music (AKA real).

If there’s anything 2016 should teach us, is resonating who we actually are: albeit beast or beauty.

Seriously think about it. If I have to give my fans ANY pretense they will murder me, publicly. So, forgive me if pretty is no longer an option.

Thank God Sarah de Courcy’s “My Fire” came into my life last year (released in South Africa this year) and that my people, my extraordinary GoldinFans, clients, press and radio playlisters continue to seek me out far and wide, uncovering #GoldinLisa because of it – I am eternally grateful for my army of believers. Because of you and your demands for pure-real-deals, I know that my next album HAS to deliver everything you can feel truth in. MORE than anything else I have ever created.

In the meantime, I’ve listed all my works under the Lisa Goldin brand. Go and uncover the songs I wrote that you haven’t heard. Hit me up about why it’s fab or crap. I wanna know and I do listen to you! It’s my lifelong career in giving you my gift of music.

1423247954_41_itunes-128 1423247999_28_amazon-128 googleplay-icon Shazam Lisa Goldin

Hold your horses kids, there’s much more ahead…I am producing #Album3 whilst performing here and there…keeping delivery-day mysterious until it’s immaculate.

My songs are about; every broken heart all of us have had and why we’re so damn cynical now, the biggest little joys like watching kids grow and protecting the hell out of them, the huge ugly life-let-downs, the hilarious hook ups, and the fact that dysfunctional is very ‘IN’! If I cannot write about “Something I Used Wear”, which was my engagement ring I sold for shoes and new hairdo – I will die [FULL STOP]! So what if it’s sometimes humourous, sometimes wrenching every one of those strings and sometimes there’s sunshine happy like in a candy store! The most important ingredient is: GENUINE.

NOW WHAT?! I am bookable to clients and available to press for chats, so drop me a line.

Until then…it’s the silly hohoho season…have a blessed Christmas/holiday season/jolly wherever you are in the world :> Be kind and sprinkle it around like confetti!

See you in 2017 :>

Much love

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