Hiiii 🙂 dearest GoldinFans

Hope the last few months have improved a bit even though it’s still pretty tough times in many countries.

I too have had some incredible highs and lows, and still trying to keep my head held high.

One thing I learnt when running events, is that you can prepare as much as possible and then whatever happens on the day, you just gotta roll with the punches. Most certainly been too many low blows in the last two years for all of us.

Anyway, at least music is always an upper, even when it’s sad. It’s that release to let go, let it out. For that am ever so grateful, because I do not know how I have even kept it together.

is that I have been part of some beautiful shows since September. It was a long wait from April to finally hit the stage in full force again. So I was in full TA-DAH mode 🙂

  • September saw me perform at Coca-Cola Arena for The Pop-Symphonic three-day series of ABBA, West End and Disco with legendary Steve Sidwell and the Armenian Orchestra – it was quite something!
  • Next up I challenged myself out of my comfort zone and was chosen to EMCEE the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup, with my lil voice televised worldwide – it was amazing seeing people coming to support their teams and also watch my South Africa!
  • Performed for Emirates Golf Club Braai Day, which was super-special in October, especially stomping across the field to sing on the top of our voices.


  • Amongst all of these biggies are my loyal residencies and private gigs at Bai Bar Radisson Blu Canalview with Aston Wylie, Half Walnut at Aloft Al Mina and with Mastercard.

2021 was extremely challenging performing with all the restrictions of ‘wear-mask-no-dancing’ policies in place here in the UAE, but I am so happy to have touched hearts that really needed uplifting and had clients who trusted me to deliver, given the circumstances.

With everything going on, I decided to hold off releasing my 3rd album…nevertheless 2022 will be the year for this 🙂

So here’s to a joyous Christmas and peaceful bringing in of the new year…

Lotsa love

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