Who Are You, Again? Project

Most have heard about how tough it is to make it in the music industry, however not many understand how hard artists have had to fight for their careers. Nobody speaks upfront about the endless highs and lows or the fake-cowboys.

The #WhoAreYouAgain Project is an inside perspective of musicians’ lives (the real deal), a little step up created for anyone considering a career in this industry.

Through the #WhoAreYouAgain Project Goldin hopes to give new talent a stepping stone into the industry :>

Brainchild Lisa Goldin published a picture-pocketbook of top tips for musicians to hone their art called #TamingMusicians and further launched a comprehensive book and album titled #WhoAreYouAgain focusing on sustaining longevity as a musician.

Remix 4 Goldin

Remix 4 Goldin was a competition run monthly during 2017 for a mission to find 4 new talented South African DJ Producers.

One Last Time (Remix) feat. Lenny Dtox
Release 26 January 2018

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I Love Complicated (Remix) feat. JOLO
Release 16 February 2018

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Gonna Make This Right (Remix) feat. Zick-Zack
Release 9 March 2018

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SuperHero (Remix) feat. Apollo 51
Release 30 March 2018


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Approximately 25 artists applied and 4 selected from each challenge to go head-to-head with each other. They had a 10-day deadline to remix the song into a certain dance genre, off the “Who Are You, Again?” album. The 4 challenges were Dubstep, EDM, house and commercial dance. From each challenge a winning remix was selected.

It’s been fascinating uncovering these artists’ talents, as each producer has already developed their own signature sound. Fresh sounds from South African talent aged between 19-30 years old.

#Remix4Goldin Releases Coming Soon!

Remix 4 Goldin EP

Release 6 April 2018

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Gotta Let Go (Remix) feat. Zick-Zack [Bonus Track]
Release 20 April 2018


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I do it because this is my first love and it is what the industry requires. Today’s music industry wants the artist buzzing with; immaculate portfolio, online presence, mastered songs registered with performing and mechanical rights’ societies, album distributed, bought and rated by the audience and venues, and paying to play shows and festivals with a killer marketing campaign (on a small but reasonable budget). Eat, breathe and sleep the music biz. And if you’re one, little nobody doing this – tough, zero sympathy – you better just do it, okay?!

Lisa Goldin

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