Who Are You, Again? Project

Lisa Goldin, formerly known as Lisa Theunissen, released HerStory on iTunes and Amazon through CDBaby.com in 2008 in the United Kingdom. Independently launched with a successful tour and press campaign, performing alongside Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and supported Scouting For Girls and was sponsored by Vivienne Westwood.

After the release of HerStory, Goldin toured with various bands through Europe, Asia and the Middle East for about five years. Whilst on tour, she wrote a book all about what it really takes to be a musician. It’s titled #WhoAreYouAgain – a spin-off of the playful South African expression “do you know who I am?!”.

After the book and album launch many musicians and fans requested a pocketbook of top tips, hence launching “40 Ways To Tame A Musician”. (Oh and it includes pictures!) #TamingMusicians

Adding to this, is a project called #Remix4Goldin – a monthly search for 4 young DJ/Producers to remix songs off the “Who Are You, Again?” album. The winning creation is released digitally with lotsa promotion.

Goldin knows how tough the music industry is and how much she has had to fight for her career. Nobody tells you what obstacles you are going face and nothing will prepare you for the fake-cowboys either.

Through the #WhoAreYouAgain Project Goldin hopes to give new talent a stepping stone into the industry :>

I do it because this is my first love and it is what the industry requires. Today’s music industry wants the artist buzzing with; immaculate portfolio, online presence, mastered songs registered with performing and mechanical rights’ societies, album distributed, bought and rated by the audience and venues, and paying to play shows and festivals with a killer marketing campaign (on a small but reasonable budget). Eat, breathe and sleep the music biz. And if you’re one, little nobody doing this – tough, zero sympathy – you better just do it, okay?!

Lisa Goldin




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