After a fouryear dry spell, spirited Johannesburg singer-songwriter, Lisa Goldin just dropped her third studio album titled Something I Used To Wear. The first single from album number three, “Hope” has subsequently produced little hope-quadruplets as a surprise feature in the form of an uplifting side-project her South African heartbeat pounds proudly to.

In a collaborative initiative with the South African Business Council UAE, Anghami Music, and musical talents including Stoyan Stoyanov Storn, Indian-Bahrain Rapper Xenai, Mark Stent, and the Franco Prinsloo Choir, Hope is an inspiring EP in aid of Freedom Day.

Each of the four renditions of Goldin’s single are unique without detracting from the core message. “This song is about being unstoppable regardless of the setbacks and how I worked through my blips. I hope that inspires you to not ever give up the fight to pursue your dreams,” says Goldin.

Feeling quietly hopeful? Then the more dramatic acoustic version featuring Stoyan Stoyanov Storn on keys is for you. If you need to bounce and bop around with your hope then listen to the hip-hop Indian-Bahrain rap beat rendition featuring Xenai or the nightclub dance remix featuring Mark Stent.

The final version dubbed the South African version, featuring Franco Prinsloo Choir is aptly very Lion King-Hakuna Matata to round off the special feature EP with a cheerful “no worries” message.

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