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Dear GoldinFans

Hope your week is going well.

Soooo, OMGGGG…Last week I had the absolute pleasure of performing at the Dubai Opera House as the Opening Act for Nouvelle Vague! I am still on a high :> it was a spectacular evening to say the very least. What an honour!

Lisa Goldin, Songwriting Performance at Dubai Opera House:

I mentioned in my last message that I have a special launch coming up…well…ta-dah…here it is!

In the above video is a cheeky preview of a song I wrote called this year “Three Days” [04:45] which is in its final production. Would be great to hear your thoughts before we unleash it to the big wide world :>

Performing my original works before an audience who was not my fanbase and who had not ever even heard these songs before, literally left me shaking, yet so intrigued to play my socks off for them, in great hope they would like one of them. This in itself was a massive personal achievement. Don’t get me wrong that moving an entire seated audience to a singing-dancing-clapping-happy-frenzy with no1 ready-made hits is what I do daily.  To create this with my own songs…is a completely different ball game, and the amount of excitement to give it horns for this opportunity was off the wall! Thank you to Sole Agency for believing I could do this, and to Dubai Opera House for booking little unknown me :> And HUGE BIG THANKS to the audience members for coming up to me after the show and finding me on social media later in the week. Sheeeeeeeshhhh…well that was something!

I may not be a household name however I am striving in every way I can to constantly evolve as an artist. One thing I do know, and I say this from the bottom of my hART and heels…the amount of times I’ve watched and listened to people’s opinions, rejections and bad behaviour towards my musicianship – has only ever motivated made me to rise higher. Whatever your profession is, you can always achieve – listen, learn and climb.

This is what I’ve always been doing. Work so hard that you’re always ready for your moment, be graciously humble – remember how YOU started, fight for what’s right even when you are the little guy, rest when you must, and kick butt all day every damn day. I am Lisa Goldin and my career goal is making a difference in the name of music, regardless the size of my audience, daily – especially with my own songwriting.

Very excited to share “Three Days” single and more with you :>

Speak soon…


Much love

PS “We can do anything!” just some new lyrics to another song coming your way…

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