Hi GoldinFans

How are you in this trying time?

Well on the 14th March I was part of many who lost their work overnight. So you can imagine it was quite something deciding whether or not to pursue with a record release at this sensitive time.

Just before the lockdown we had already mastered my new song called “Hope”. After asking colleagues and loved ones what they thought, the consensus was “YES, YOU HAVE TO!”

So here it is…

OUT 24/04/2020

Keeping in mind pretty much everyone has moved their offices home in the last week, #Hope will be released on Friday 24th April. In the meantime [especially as we’re going to be indoors for sometime!] here are some goodies to keep you going.




I wrote this song at very dark time in my life and it was my cry out to “Hope” for help. May this song bring you light however you may need it in your life, as it did for me whilst creating this vision with some of the most beautiful people I know.


Please be safe and let’s heal our planet and hearts. 

Much love always




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