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Hi there

It’s Sunday evening and I’m drinking hot chocolate whilst writing to you.

Since my last blog of shock, I’ve pondered on what’s going on, had lots of hot chocolate, chatted non-stop with my Mom, exercised loads (vocally and physically), finished reading “Eat, Pray, Love” (my Mom said “Read this or else!”) and eaten, dare I say, pizza and also ice-cream! As well as that the phone’s rung off the hook with numerous offers inviting me to tea…translated into our savvy world of technology, it means that I’ve had more emails from you threatening in a Gargamel-like-tone “not to dare give up”!!!

So…I would like to thank you for all the uplifting messages, for bringing me back, for sticking me straight back in the vocal booth, for only 9 unsubscribes out of approx 4000 fans, for 9 more fans finding me, for making me realise you’ve gotta keep working at it to perfect it even when the doors seem shut, for swatting me over the head saying ‘Oy Theunissen, chin up, let’s go’.

Thank you. I needed it and guess I’ll stop being a precious child now, and open up the opportunity of being found or finding whoever it is to put my songs out there…these songs that you believe in. Thank you :>

And…back on the social networking scene, not that I probably need one, but if you’d like to follow my career a little closer, (may the force be with me…i.e. protecting me!) I’ve finally joined Twitter ( So you can hear about my writing and studio updates whilst creating the next album. Feel free to tweet!

Also don’t forget to check out Never the Bride’s show, where I’ll be supporting and performing next. 30th March, Bull’s Head in Barnes, London:

Have a wonderful week and remember now, “Never Give Up On a Good Thing”…wise words I once heard from you!

Much love

PS I’ve decided to live in Neverland, who wants to grow up anyway?!

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