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Hi there Everyone

Hope your 2009 is going well so far. For those I haven’t wished…Happy New Year!

A few of you have been ‘very’ concerned as to where I’ve disappeared to, but just to let you know I’m still here :>

Whilst writing new material for a second album, I am not gigging, as playing my originals, much for the next few months. There is only one gig planned supporting Never the Bride at the Bull’s Head on Monday, 30th March 2009. Further details can be found at: And, as you know I host at the 15 Minute Club Sunday, so you can always catch me at one of their venues.

In the meantime though I am still doing covers gigs (like weddings/private parties), and because I worked with so many different bands and musicians last year through various agencies I decided to formed a music company so you can book direct without the agency fee. The company is called Stuff Like That There,, which is named after one of my favourite songs that Bette Midler performed in the musical/film ‘For The Boys’, and as well as that, each time I go home to South Africa, my brother insists I sing this song before we raise our glasses to celebrate my homecoming! So…Stuff Like That There not only it manages booking the various function bands I play in (originals/covers), it also includes the other work I do as a: voice-over artist; session vocalist; songwriter; vocal and performance coach; and host for the 15 Minute Club promoting artists. So if you have an event which requires some fantastic entertainment, please do let me know so I can whip up something really special for you :>

Following on last year’s voice-over job for XBox Fable II, I am ecstatic and ultra nervous to be chosen as the South African voice for FIFA World Cup 2010. I’ll be the voice in-between that links the features and interviews for the promotional lead-up of the event. I must say it’s such a great honour to be doing something like this for my country and when I recently went home, the vibe and hype has really put a positive spin on the country…I mean they had a celebration just because it was 500 days to go, let alone the daily countdown screens in airports, etc! So am really excited to be part of it all.

Other than that, I’m working hard as always and am sure it won’t be long until we meet again, so do stay in touch. Thank you so much for your warm thoughts and support throughout the years.

Keep following your dreams and making a difference!

Much love

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