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Hi All

Muchos gracias to those that made last night, and good to meet those that heard me for the first time.

It’s always a tricky one supporting another band and playing to ‘their’ fans as essentially they are really there to see them not you! But you were such a lovely and attentive audience – so thank you very much for listening and joining my mailing list. Also thank you to Never the Bride ( for having me, you guys rock…BIG loving to you :>

Last night was bit of a biggie as I was pretty nervous showcasing new songs (like a bundle of nerves x a lot!), I guess I kinda forgot how much more confidence is needed to deliver fresh goodies, you know, like road-testing a whole new product! Anyway, thanks for coming up to me afterwards to share your thoughts and posting your comments…

Comments from Bull’s Head performance on Monday, 30th March 2009
“Love ‘Call Me Out Of The Blue’, ‘His Broken Heart’ and ‘I Know’. Lisa is back in the house!” – Nick
“It’s like there’s a party in my soul and everyone’s invited!” – Christian
“Keep rocking, you made my month!” – Brooke
“Brill songs – loved it” – Peter
“‘It’s The Way’ fantastic – great words, all were brilliant” – Kevin
“Brilliant songs and set” – Martin
“Your voice has matured in the last few months since I saw you and loved ‘Gonna Make This Right’ and ‘Drown the Pain’.” – Shaun
“Brilliant! Sound and words were great” – Jackie
“What a talent” – Pearl

Now you’ll notice that there are no forthcoming gigs listed and it’s simply because “I’m going deeper underground” so to speak! There is a lot of polishing, preparation and cherry-picking to be made before the new songs are ready for recording and release, and last night was a good reality check of what works and what needs reworking . I’ll also be delving into some co-writing which is very exciting and I’m looking forward to rattling the ole pots and pans and cooking up something real tasty! So that’s what I’ll be busy doing in the next few months…

You of course are top of my list to keep updated and if I’m allowed I might just send through some sample snippets, however please feel free to say hi too.

Happy days ahead, so keep shining :>


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